We have a product range from 50W to 200K W, made to measure according to customers’ specifications, including low inductance resistors, high voltage cut-off, high operating voltage, suitable for high energy pulses and designed with natural cooling or forced ventilation.

Our resistors can be supplied from IP00 to IP54 and according to special versions (with special insulation, non-inductive, special terminals or cables and thermal switch).

  •  Variable
  • Speed/Frequency Drives
  • Cranes Applications
  •  Power Conversion
  •  Industrial Automation
  •  Welding Machines
  • Services for Industry
  •  Test equipment and laboratory technology
  • Heating
  • Power Electronics
  • Motor control Resistors
  •  Dynamic Braking Resistors
  •  Resistors for Renewable Energies (Wind and Solar)
  • Soft Crowbar Resistors
  • Load bank resistors
  • Resistors for Traction (Railway Rail)
  • Filter Resistors
  •  Resistors for charge and discharge.