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Wirewound Tubular Resistor 40X370 SAC 540W

Cemented tubular wirewound resistor composed by a ceramic tube with a high heat dissipation level and mechanical resistance used as support for the resistive wire or ribbon. We can supply it with or without thermal sensor and with the customer’s ohm value specification.


Temperature coefficient: 40 p.p.m a 250 p.p.m

Maximum load peak: 10xPn. 5 seg.

Maximum admissible voltage (in continuous): √(Pn x R*)

Maximum temperature on the hottest point on the resistor’s surface at nominal power: 375ºC

Operating voltage: 1000 v.a.c

Standard protection: IP00

Resistor tolerance: +-5%

Temperature 40% work cycle: –

Pn: Rated power / *R: Ohm value


370 40