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Square Resistor Wirewound 13X100 CH/F 3K3 10% 30W

Wirewound resistor based on a fibreglass element used as support for the resistive wire. This set is assembled into square ceramic element guarantying a high dissipation and an excellent resistor against thermal chocks and overloads. We can supply it according to the customer’s ohm value specification.


Temperature coefficient: 40 p.p.m a 200 p.p.m

Maximum load peak: 10xPn. 5 seg.

Maximum admissible voltage (in continuous): √(Pn x R*)

Maximum temperature on the hottest point on the resistor’s surface at nominal power: 375ºC

Operating voltage: 1000 v.a.c

Resistor tolerance: +-10%

Temperature 40% work cycle: 40º/60º C

Pn:Rated power / *R:Ohm value

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