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Manual double ceramic Rheostat

A rheostat (or potentiometer) is resistor with a variable resistance.
Therefore it is particular type construction of potentiometer with is usually called like this instead of potentiometer because it is a device able to support higher voltages and currents as well as to dissipate high powers.
Rheostats are used in electro technical equipment allowing to generate, transport, distribute and use electrical energy, in applications such as control and starting of electrical motors or any others applications requiring a variation of the electrical resistance in high voltage or current fields.


Manual double ceramic Rheostat 2
Manual double ceramic Rheostat 3


Power A B C D E F
2X250W 180 115 18 6 100 M-6
2X500W 230 165 18 6 100 M-6
2X1000W 270 235 54 8 195 M-8

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