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Grid resistors

Grid resistors have a high energy absorption capacity.

They are manufactured from stainless steel plate or the suitable alloy for each application.



Resistive elements are reinforced with stainless steel bars and a base of micanite strips on both sides of the plate. The resistive elements are insulated from each other by ceramic bushings and the current flows through stainless steel screws.

The load is connected to a bus bar or terminal blocks.

The enclosure can be made of electrogalvanized steel or stainless steel, depending on the customer’s specifications.

Low induction coefficient, as they are designed in a zig-zag way so that the sequence of tracks in the opposite direction cancels the magnetic field.

They are used as:
     – Braking resistors
     – Starting resistors
     – Load resistors
     – Test resistors
     – Harmonic filters
     – Neutral Grounding resistors

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