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Three-phase voltage variators

ECOMSA Three-phase voltage variators

A three-phase voltage variator is one of the main elements used in the process of regulating an alternating voltage with constant current. Due to their high resolution’s mechanical robustness, a three-phase voltage variator performs accurate voltage settings in fields such as laboratories, lighting technology, dielectric strength equipment, temperature regulation with resistive loads, galvanic regulation, remote control of motorized equipment, speed regulation of electric motors, voltage stabilizers, transformer regulation.

At ECOMSA we manufacture three-phase voltage variators in metal boxes and either a manual or motorized regulation. This structure will help the contact track to have a uniform and polished winding, to reduce the contact resistance and the oxidation of the copper, and to prolongs its lifespan. Meanwhile, a manual three-phase voltage variators possess a control button on the drive shaft so it can adjust the voltage as needed, a motorized three-phase voltage can adjust devices at a distance or by remote control.

Due to all these characteristics, a three-phase voltage variator of ECOMSA guarantees accessibility, safety, and effectiveness. It is a high-quality product with great items.


· Basic elements for AC voltage regulation
· High mechanical strength
· High accuracy


· Variable feeding in laboratories.
· Lighting technology.
· Dielectric rigidity equipment.
· Temperature regulation with resistive loads.
· Galvanic regulation.
· Remote control by motorized equipment.
· Speed regulation of electric motors.
· Voltage stabilizers.
· Regulation of other fixed transformers.