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Single-phase voltage variator

Single-phase voltage variator | ECOMSA

An ECOMSA’s single-phase voltage variator is a device for the tension control in motors of variable voltages and frequencies and has many industrial applications; as in fans, air conditioning equipment, pumping equipment, industrial conveyors and belts, elevators, fillers, lathes, and milling machines. The main characteristic of a single-phase voltage variator is a robust mechanical structure with a high resolution that allows an accurate and reliable tension control.

The ECOMSA’s single-phase voltage variator presents a list of benefits; such as easy installation and maintenance, an extension of the engine’s life span in each start and deceleration, a guarantee of significant energy savings in some applications and a better performance engine. Due to all this, our single-phase voltage variator is generally used in the following applications:

  • Variable feeding in laboratories,
  • Lighting technology,
  • Dielectric rigidity equipment,
  • Temperature regulation with resistive loads,
  • Galvanic regulation,
  • Remote control by motorized equipment,
  • Speed regulation of electric motors,
  • Voltage stabilizers,
  • Regulation of other fixed transformers.

At ECOMSA we offer different models of single-phase tension variator with or without a metal box, either with manual or motorized adjustment. This ability allows using the single-phase tension variator to be used not only in remote or high-voltage devices, but also in a manual switch.


· Basic elements for AC voltage regulation
· High mechanical strength
· High accuracy


· Variable feeding in laboratories.
· Lighting technology.
· Dielectric rigidity equipment.
· Temperature regulation with resistive loads.
· Galvanic regulation.
· Remote control by motorized equipment.
· Speed regulation of electric motors.
· Voltage stabilizers.
· Regulation of other fixed transformers.