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Metallic Enclosure Voltage Variators

ECOMSA Metallic Enclosure Voltage Variators

Ideal for the alternate voltage regulation with high power output, our metallic enclosure voltage variators not only have the profits of our other products but also extra protection with a door, switch or magneto-thermal fuse, and many other alternative features. Our metallic enclosure voltage variators (single-phase, dual or three-phase) are efficient according to the voltage and current control since their performance is precise even in high power conditions.

At ECOMSA we offer a significant variety of metallic enclosure voltage variators, which may be supplied with analog or digital instrumentation, dial, control button, voltmeters, optional ammeters, etcetera.  For example, the Cuban oil three-phase voltage variator is one of our products immersed in oil to endure very corrosive atmospheres avoiding excessive heating.

Generally speaking, our metallic enclosure voltage variators allow accurate voltage regulation in a very wide range of power conditions. That is why, they are usually used in variable feeding in laboratories,  lighting technology, dielectric rigidity equipment, temperature regulation with resistive loads, galvanic regulation, remote control by motorized equipment, speed regulation of electric motors, voltage stabilizers, regulation of other fixed transformers.


· These equipments allow to obtain very precise regulations of tension with a very wide range of intensities.
· Can be supplied with instrumentation according to customer specifications.


· Variable feeding in laboratories.
· Lighting technology.
· Dielectric rigidity equipment.
· Temperature regulation with resistive loads.
· Galvanic regulation.
· Remote control by motorized equipment.
· Speed regulation of electric motors.
· Voltage stabilizers.
· Regulation of other fixed transformers.

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