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Double Voltage Variators

ECOMSA Double Voltage Variators

It is a system with two parallel variators acting through a compensating coil to moderate the voltage according to the necessary results. That is why this double voltage variator helps to upgrade or decrease the power of an electric motor, allowing a greater performance and a longer lifespan.

Due to the thick structure of the double voltage variator, it performs accurate and reliable adjustments for the best voltage control. Some devices that may require its use are those in need of the regulation of other fixed transformers, temperature with resistive loads, voltage stabilizers, variable power in the laboratory or lighting technology. For this reason, at ECOMSA we manufacture the double voltage variators with the intention that their efficiency guarantees a significant energy saving and an extraordinary accuracy.

At ECOMSA we have different models of double voltage variators, which are one of the best products in the regulation of alternating voltage. Its efficiency and precision when it comes to regulating the alternating voltage offer an ability to adapt to the needs and demands of the customer (these are customizable products).


· Basic elements for AC voltage regulation
· High mechanical strength
· High accuracy


· Variable feeding in laboratories.
· Lighting technology.
· Dielectric rigidity equipment.
· Temperature regulation with resistive loads.
· Galvanic regulation.
· Remote control by motorized equipment.
· Speed regulation of electric motors.
· Voltage stabilizers.
· Regulation of other fixed transformers.

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