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Ceramic Rheostat 12–3000W

ECOMSA Ceramic Rheostat

An ECOMSA ceramic rheostat is one of the main elements in the variations in the resistance’s magnitude of an electrical circuit. It’s one of the many kinds of resistors, whose connectivity allows a balance between the value (Ohms) and power (Watts)so that it can withstand the current (Volt-Ampere) running through it. This ceramic rheostat’s peculiarity allows not only to withstand high voltage but also to reduce the intensity of the power.

Among the main applications of the ceramic rheostat are the starting tasks of motors, a variation of resistors with very high voltage or current, control and start of electric motors in large industrial machines, and so on. For this reason, unlike resistors or voltage variators, ceramic rheostats are useful for tasks under high voltage conditions.

At ECOMSA we manufacture electrical rheostats with dielectric insulating materials or few free electrons, such as ceramics, to be able to withstand large amounts of electrical voltage. Moreover, there is a possibility to customize each of our electric rheostats products according to the clients’ demands.


· High thermal dissipation capacity
· High mechanical strength
· Manufacturing ohmic value according to customer specification


· Electric engineering
· Suitable for equipment to generate, transport, distribute and use electrical energy
· Start of electric motors
· For applications requiring variation of electrical resistance in high voltage or current conditions

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