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Electronic Rheostats

Rheostats are the exemplary product to adjust the current quantity in tasks that require high voltage electrical resistance. At ECOMSA, we offer a variety of rheostats not only used to adjust currents, but also to perform an efficient energy saving.

Nowadays, the rheostats are a fundamental electronic component in control high voltage currents. They are useful because of their polarity’s lack, letting them run even with reversed terminals. One rheostat can substitute a three-terminal potentiometer by connecting the unused third terminal to the contact terminal; such as light dimmers and motor controllers in large industrial machines.

It is important to consider that rheostats go in series, so the rheostats’ state (Ohm) and power (Watts) must get adjusted to endure the current (Volt-Ampere) running through it. At ECOMSA, we recommend rheostats made from dielectric insulators materials such as ceramic or plastic. For example, Manual double ceramic rheostat or Motorized triple ceramic rheostat.