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Flat Resistors

ECOMSA’s Flat Electric Resistors

Used as heaters by radiation or conduction, flat resistors are the quintessential product employed in machines that require thermal transmission between two bodies. That’s why flat resistors are fundamental in heating applications, such as heaters, presses, sealing tools, thermoforming installations, heating of vats, tunnels or ovens.

Unlike other kinds of resistors, there are two types of flat resistors: fixed and variables. While the former are thicker and more powerful so they can work at high temperatures and with flawless bridles, the latter focus on low currents or temperatures and low thermal inertia. At ECOMSA we manufacture both types of flat resistors according to the clients’ needs, including the instructions on width and length, power and tension, and measurements of holes and perforations.

Among the flat resistors that we offer at ECOMSA are: Flat Resistor RB-SS 100W, a manufactured item on a fiberglass core that acts as thread support and is supplied with a 302ºF thermal protector,  Flat Resistor RB 250W with a working voltage of 600v.ca and a temperature coefficient from 40ppm to 200ppm, and  Flat Resistor RB-PL 300W is manufactured inside ceramic support and in a galvanized sheet metal box for a working temperature of 482ºF.

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