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Electrical Resistor

Industrial Electrical Resistor

At ECOMSA, we’re offering a wide diversity of electrical resistors and customer services focused on supplying industrial sector needs, such as thermoplastic, packaging, agri-food, pharmaceutical, and university research sectors. In fact, the ability of our electrical resistors guarantees the optimum development of each sector because we manufacture them according to the customer’s needs and taste.

The main applications of ECOMSA’s electrical resistors are motor control electrical resistors, dynamic braking electrical resistors, Soft Crowbar electrical resistors, Traction electrical resistors (railways), filtering electrical resistors, power resistors, charge and discharge electrical resistors, electrical resistors for renewable energies (wind and solar) and for load banks.

Thereby, we develop ourselves in Flat Electrical Resistors, Protected Electrical Resistors, Square Resistors CH/F and Wirewound Tubular Resistors. Besides, our electrical resistors own an excellent control that manages methodically and economically, adjusting themselves to different weathers, places or expectations. We can also supply them with or without a “thermal sensor” and with the customer’s ohm value specification.