Harmonic filtering resistors

Harmonic filtering resistors 1

ECOMSA filtering resistors are used, together with reactors and capacitors, to reduce and filter unwanted voltage, current and load peaks in filters, offering a solution to distortion problems.

The main characteristics of our resistors are:

  • Low variation of the resistance value in high temperature conditions
  • Low operating overtemperature
  • High reliability
  • High internal and grounding insulations
  • Specific insulation design to guarantee the integrity of the unit in case of over voltages due to overloads or mains switching
  • Excellent high voltage resistance
  • High thermal capacity
  • Compact design, dimensions can be adjusted according to customer specific requirements
  • Cooling fans on request





Harmonic filtering resistors 2


Crowbar resistors are used to suppress transient or short-term voltage peaks in traction and industrial applications as well as to prevent damage to the frequency inverter circuits connected to the rotor when a mains failure occurs.

Crowbar resistors designed with low inductance, must be powerful enough to limit the rotor short-circuit current and low enough to avoid too high a voltage in the rotor circuit.  They can withstand high power loads for limited periods.

They are compact, lightweight, and require very low maintenance, making them very reliable