Grid resistors (1kW - 400kW)

Grid resistors (1 kW - 400kW) 1

Grid resistors model GR offer a high energy absorption capacity. They are made of stainless steel or with the suitable alloy required for the application.

Machined openings on the plate provide good cooling of the resistive elements, these one being reinforced with steel bars and a micanite strips base on both sides of the plates. The resistive elements are isolated from each other by ceramic crosspieces and the current passes through stainless steel screws.

This type of resistive element offers a low induction coefficient, as they are designed in a zig-zag mode so that the sequence of tracks in opposite directions cancels the magnetic field.

The load is connected to a busbar or connection terminals. Resistors can be supplied in bloc or an electro-zinc plated steel or stainless steel enclosure according to the customer’s specification, as well as with a thermal switch and the ohm value required by the customer.

Ecomsa braking resistors are used in many sectors: