Dynamic braking resistors with frequency inverters

Dynamic braking resistors with frequency inverters 1

Braking resistors aim to dissipate the energy generated by a motor during deceleration, preventing damage to the drive due to overvoltage and ensuring it is safely stopped.

Braking resistors dissipate the energy generated by the slowing motor (as heat) to ensure that the voltage rise is kept to safe levels to prevent damage to the drive.

ECOMSA is a manufacturer of different types of dynamic braking resistors, which offer an economical and small-sized solution for braking control by absorbing and dissipating energy efficiently and effectively.  A braking resistor helps to slow down or stop a motor by dissipating excess voltage generated by the decelerating motor.

These resistors can also help to lower the wear on braking components which can extend equipment life, enable faster braking and eliminate the risk of overheating.

– Suitable for any application requiring dynamic braking.

– Suitable for power from 1W up to 100MW and duty cycle from 1% to 100%.

– Suitable for any type of frequency inverter.

– Manufactured to customer specifications

– Small size range at very competitive prices.

– They can be supplied in air (IP00 or in enclosure (from IP20 to IP54).

Ecomsa braking resistors are used in many sectors: