Cemented resistors (0,1kW - 90kW)

Cemented resistors (0,1 kW - 90kW) 1

Our SAC wire wound Hi-Power resistors models are manufactured using high grade resistive alloy wire. The ohm value of this changes little over the temperature range of the element.

They are wire wound resistors composed by a resistive element coiled on a ceramic tubular core used as support and coated with resin, to ensures high dissipation capacity and excellent resistance to thermal shock and overload. Low inductance open wound element allowing low ohm values.

The construction allows high power dissipation in a small space. This set, with lateral supports and galvanized enclosure perforated to ensure correct ventilation, is in accordance with the IP20 or IP23 (according to the model resistor) protection requirement. They can be supplied with a thermal switch and the ohm value required by the customer.

Low temperature coefficient offering a constant ohmic value over a large temperature range. Power resistors being passive electronical or electrical units are not affected by the specific EMC standards. They do not produce any interfering radiations nor are they affected.

The characteristics of our resistors make them particularly suitable for limiting strong currents, battery discharge, etc.

Ecomsa braking resistors are used in many sectors: