Product Applications

We have a resistors range from 50W to 200KW, standard or customized according to customer’s specifications, composed by low inductance resistors, high voltage cut, operating high voltage, suitable for high-power pulses and designs with natural or forced ventilation.

Our resistors can be supplied with different degrees of protection (from IP-00 to IP-54) and special versions (with special insulation, non-inductive, terminals or special cables and thermal switch).

Applications 1
Applications 2
Applications 3
  • Variable Drive
  • Frequency Inverter
  • Applications of Cranes
  • Energy Conversion
  • Industrial Automation
  • Welding Machinery
  • Services for Industry
  • Test Equipment and Technology Laboratory
  • Heating
  • Motor control resistors
  • Dynamic braking resistor
  • Resistor for renewable energies (wind and solar)
  • Soft Crowbar
  • Resistors for load banks
  • Traction resistor (railway)
  • Filtering resistors
  • Power Resistors
  • Charge and discharge resistors
Applications 4