Rheostats, Industrial Voltage Variators and Resistor Manufacturer


It’s a Spanish enterprise with more than 60 years of experience, the leader in industrial wire-wound resistor manufacturer and with a valuable international presence.

ECOMSA, Rheostats, Industrial Voltage Variators and Resistors Manufacturer

Ecomsa, Rheostats, Industrial Voltage Variators and Resistors Manufacturer 5

We’re a resistors manufacturer and distributor with many years of experience, personalized technique advice, fast and reliable customer service, and fabrication of competitive wares with high quality. Due to this, ECOMSA owns an international presence as the leader in wirewound tubular resistor manufacturers and developers.

In ECOMSA we manufacture and distribute a wide diversity of rheostats, voltage variators, and electrical resistors. Each of these industrial resistors is created within the taste and requirements of the clients, distinguishing them by their unique characteristics. As a resistor manufacturer, ECOMSA follows the protection rules according to the IP Code so the resistors can be supplied with the whole protection, protection against inner powder deposits and protection against water spray (IP54).

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